Online Placement Exam

 Please read this page carefully.

The placement exam in French is an online multiple-choice format exam; it consists of questions on vocabulary, grammar and reading comprehension. There is no oral or listening part to the exam. Since it is a computer-adaptive test, the length varies from one individual to another, with the average time being 20 minutes. Please supply all the required information. Your score and placement will become available immediately upon completion of the exam. You must print out your results as well. After receipt of your results, you may then register in the appropriate course by following the instructions you have received to that effect. The French department keeps a record of all online scores.

Since you are taking the exam on your own, the exam must represent your own work; it is also in your interest to work to the best of your ability. By taking this test you are bound by the terms of the University's Code of Student Conduct and Code of Academic Integrity. Please familiarize yourself with both of these documents before taking the exam.


Only your first score will be considered valid for placement purposes.

Should you have any concerns, please contact the proper course coordinator or the Undergraduate Coordinator.

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Placement Scores and Levels:

The following table shows scores and placement levels for the online placement examination in French:

Score Placement

below 281

FREN 0100

281-368 FREN 0210
369-405 FREN 0300
406-428 FREN 0400
above 428 FREN 0400 or exam to qualify for exemption.

If you are a College student, you may register for one level higher than you are assigned; that is, if you place into FREN 0100, you may take FREN 0210; FREN 0210 may take FREN 0300; and FREN 0300 may take FREN 0400. If you are a Wharton, Engineering, Nursing, or LPS student, you must take the course you place into. If you feel you have special circumstances, consult the specific course coordinator. However, the online placement exam is for diagnostic purposes only and will be supplemented by instructors' evaluations during the first week of classes. Under no circumstances may you choose to take a level lower than the one to which you are assigned without the explicit permission of the appropriate French course coordinator.

NOTE: This examination may not be used for exemption from the language requirement. Students who score higher than 428 on this exam are eligible to take a 60-minute written departmental exam (a paper-and-pencil multiple-choice exam taken at Penn) which covers comprehension of grammar, vocabulary, and reading. There is no oral or listening component. For information on the times and dates of this examination, check the Department's general page on placement.  

Should you have any questions about your placement, you may email the Director of the French Language Program or the Undergraduate Coordinator.