Placement Exam

Placement Policy

Students wishing to take French at the elementary or intermediate level, whether to fulfill the language requirement or not, must have a proper placement score in order to receive credit for the course. Most students will take the online placement exam for this purpose. The SAT II exam and the departmental multiple choice exam for transfer students can also be used for placement.

Incoming students who wish to take French at the advanced level (1000-level courses) must have already fulfilled the language requirement. The SAT II, AP, or IB Higher Level exam score will indicate which 1000-level course is recommended. Students who do not have one of these scores should first take the online placement exam. If they receive a qualifying score, they will be allowed to take the departmental multiple-choice exam which will serve as placement for advanced-level courses.

Students may not take the SAT II exam for the purpose of fulfilling the language requirement after they have matriculated at Penn.