Language Courses

  • Students wishing to fulfill the language requirement in French must complete the Intermediate II level (French 0400). Wharton students please find information regarding the language requirement here
  • The number of courses you will need to take to fulfill the requirement depends on your previous background. Some students will already be exempt based on scores from the SATII, the AP, or the International Baccalaureate Higher Level exam.
  • Students interested in French can start learning French at the elementary level, or continue their studies in the appropriate course after determining their proper level based on prior study and/or examination.
  • Students who have fulfilled the language requirement in another language and who wish to study French have the option of an accelerated track at the Intermediate Level, FREN 0340.
  • For students who have already completed the language requirement, we offer a rich array of advanced language courses ranging from conversation and composition to phonetics to translation. In addition to advanced courses in literature, history, film, and culture.
  • The department strongly encourages study abroad and sponsors a summer program in France (Summer in Tours), as well as several semester and year programs in France. Students may consider study abroad as soon as they are at the intermediate level with the Summer in Tours program.
  • If you are in need of academic support in your study of French, consult the Tutoring resources.
  • For any further questions refer to the people under Advising.