Seeking Credits From Abroad

When Abroad

  • Students who are beginning their semester program of study abroad, must seek conditional approval for all courses for which they wish to receive credit in French Studies. You must send the Undergraduate Coordinator the title, description, and syllabus for each course. We will need this information before the add/drop dates for registration in your program. 
  • You must submit this information regardless of whether or not the courses are in the study abroad database and regardless of whether or not you are a major or minor. Please note that you must do this for all courses. As a general guideline, French credit will be granted to courses whose content concerns French and Francophone Studies, not simply courses taught in French.
  • The Undergraduate Chair will promptly review your submissions and determine which courses will receive French credit. The Undergaduate Coordinator, in turn, will send you a list of the credits that have been conditionally assigned. If you plan to pursue a major, a minor or a language certificate when you return, please be familiar with our requirements.
  • Be sure to save all relevant coursework: graded essays, notes, exams (if available), and presentations.

After Returning

  • Once you return to campus, you will need to upload these courses via the XCAT system and then meet with the Undergraduate Chair in person to review your coursework. You may schedule an appointment with him/her anytime after returning from study abroad to have your XCAT classes approved; it is not necessary to wait for your grades to be processed.

 Course Precedents