Minor in French & Francophone Studies

The minor consists of six courses at or above the 1000-level.

All courses must be taught in French.

Three of the six courses must be taken at Penn. (An AP course credit for 1000 can be counted as one of the courses not taken at Penn).

Required Courses

Must be taken at Penn.

Advanced Language (choose one)

  • French 1212: Advanced Grammar and Composition
  • French 1214: Advanced Composition and Conversation

History & Culture/Literature & Arts (choose one)

  • French 1226: French History & Culture Until 1789
  • French 1227: French History & Culture 1789-1945
  • French 1230: Masterpieces of French Cinema
  • French 1231: French Literature (Focus on "Love and Passion")
  • French 1232: French Literature (Focus on the "Individual and Society")
  • French 1233: Francophone Literature and Film
  • French 2280: Contemporary France
  • French 3290: French in the World

Elective Courses

Four (4) courses may be taken at the 1000-, 2000-, or 3000-level.

At least one must be taken at Penn.



To officially declare the minor in French & Francophone Studies, please fill out the Declare/Update Field of Study form which is located on the PATH Forms page. The Undergraduate Chair will review your request and the Office of the Registrar will process it within two weeks.

Please contact Dr. Scott Francis, Undergraduate Chair, with any questions or concerns about the minor.  


Requirements Prior to 2016 (to be utilized by students graduating in Spring of 2016)

The minor consists of 6 courses above French 200.

All courses must be taught in French.

50% of courses for the minor must be taken in the department at Penn.

Required Courses

French 212 or 214: “Advanced Grammar and Composition” or “Advanced Composition and Conversation” or equivalent

French 221 or 222: “Perspectives in French Literature,” the former focused on passion, the latter on the relationship between individual and society

Elective Courses

Four (4) courses may be taken at the 200- or 300-level.