Kathryn Dettmer



  • MA  French - Washington University, St. Louis 
  • MEd Temple University - Curriculum, Instruction and Technology in Education (Peace Corps Fellowship)
Office Location: 
Williams Hall 420
Office Hours: 
Fall 2021: Monday 12:30-1:30pm and Thursday 9:30-10:30am
Selected Publications: 
  • Women Singing in French: An Annotated Bibliography of Francophone Women Singer/Songwriters, with Dr. Christine Moisset– Women in French Newsletter, Spring 2020.
  • A Classroom for Everyone: Creating French Courses that Embrace Learning Differences, with Brenda Dyer– a chapter in Rethinking the French Classroom: Innovative Approaches to Teaching Diversity and Inclusion – Ed. Nicole Meyer and Eilene Hoft-March, to appear in 2021 from Routledge.


  • “Whispered” and “Certitude”, translation from Czech of poems by František Halas, DoubleSpeak, Spring 2021. 


  • Remembrances of Assessments Past: Lessons learned from shifting assessments on line in the French classroom, with Brenda Dyer, Snapshot session, Drexel University Annual Conference on Teaching and Learning Assessments, September 10, 2020.
  • Picard, his eyes open: Getting students to lose the Universal Translator and embrace the realia, with Michael Boglovits at The Northeast Association for Language Learning Technology, March 12-13, 2021. 
  • Dès le début: Enseigner avec des chansons au niveau débutant du FLE, with Dr. Christine Moisset, Congrès 2021 des Sciences Humaines, University of Alberta, Canada, May 27-June 4, 2021.

Upcoming :

  • Best Practices for Teaching Modern Language Inclusively for Learning Differences, with Brenda Dyer, 2022 Modern Language Association Annual Conference, Washington DC, January 6-9, 2022
Courses Taught: 

French 110 and French 120