Rébaïa Saouli-Corley


Rébaïa Saouli-Corley received her B.A and M.A. in English and American Civilization and Literature from the University of Burgundy (France). She has taught beginning, intermediate, and advanced language courses at the University of Pennsylvania for over 32 years.  She is the recipient of 3 Certificates of Excellence in Teaching from the French Studies Department and 2 Certificates of Appreciation for the Continuous Dedication to Educating the Students from the University of Pennsylvania Greek Executive Council.Rébaïa Saouli-Corley’s research interest is in educational technologies. She received 3 grants from the Penn Language Center to improve the French 212 course (Advanced Composition and Grammar) with innovative online grammar lessons and self-corrected exercises on Canvas. This approach has made her students more autonomous learners, has built their understanding of grammar rules, and has increased their vocabulary acquisition allowing them to tackle more advanced French content-based courses. In addition, she has developed several online self-corrected quizzes on Canvas to enhance her students’ learning experience. Her online quizzes are based on contextualized exercises but also on literature excerpts, movie clips, songs, and poems thus enriching her students’ cultural knowledge of France.Rébaïa Saouli-Corley’s online grammar lessons and self-corrected exercises, “Advanced French Grammar and Exercises for Autonomous Learners”, have been adopted by several courses beyond French 212 as a resource for students who need a grammar refresher.   She continues to innovate the French 212 course as well as enhance the beginning to intermediate courses with new material. Rébaïa Saouli-Corley has trained and evaluated Fulbright Visiting Teaching Assistants at the University of Pennsylvania since 2013.

Office Location: 
415 Williams Hall
Office Hours: 
Spring 2024: Tuesday 9-10am, Thursday 1-2pm, and by appointment
Courses Taught: 
  • ·         FRENCH 110: Elementary French I
  • ·         FRENCH 112: Accelerated Elementary French
  • ·         FRENCH 120: Elementary French II
  • ·         FRENCH 130: Intermediate French I
  • ·         FRENCH 134: Accelerated Intermediate French
  • ·         FRENCH 140: Intermediate French II
  • ·         FRENCH 202: Advanced French
  • ·         FRENCH 212: Advanced French Grammar and Compositions