What if I feel the placement score does not reflect my level?

The score from the online placement test is a provisional one and it will be confirmed during the first week of class by in-class writing and speaking activities. Speak to your instructor if you have questions about your placement level. 


If you feel that you belong in a higher level:

You may move up one level from your placement score under the following conditions:

  • Students in the College of Arts and Sciences may move up one level without further consultation.
  • Students in other schools must seek permission from the appropriate Course Coordinator. They will be allowed to move up a level provided they take the course for a letter grade and not Pass / Fail.
  • The exception is placement into 0400. You cannot move up to the 1000-level without further examination. Contact the Undergraduate Coordinator for information.


If you feel that you belong in a lower level:

  • Permission is rarely given to students to move down a level from their placement score and receive credit for the lower course. 
  • Often students have been away from French for a year or more and feel they have forgotten a lot. In fact, the language will come back to you quite quickly once you are back in the classroom.
  • You should try the course you placed into for at least one week.If you are still experiencing difficulties speak with your instructor and/or the Course Coordinator. They will be able to recommend strategies for catching up. 
  • If you feel that you need to review the material from a lower level course, you may always seek permission to sit in on the course for no credit.