Reading Groups

Medieval François 

The University of Pennsylvania French department’s Medieval François working group is aimed at creating a space for graduate students of different departments (French, English, Comparative Literature, Italian, etc…) for studying and discussing Old French. Working with primary medieval texts, spanning across various centuries and regional dialects (Champenois, Lorrain, Anglo-Norman, Picard, possibly Occitan, etc…) we will discover the grammar, syntax, spelling, vocabulary and pronunciation of Old French. This will provide an opportunity for us to discuss these canonical texts and their context as well as work on our translation skills. The group plans on meeting every week in an informal, student run setting with punctual guest appearances by faculty members.

For the next semester, Medieval François will be meeting at a time to be announced in WILL519.


For questions, please contact the reading group coordinators:

Nathalie Lacarriere and Jared Miller