French 325 - Advanced French Translation

La Tour de Babel vue par Pieter Brueghel l'Ancien au XVIe siècle

Chantal Philippon-Daniel

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This course provides an introduction to the theory and practice of translation and is designed to help foster a critical understanding of differences between French and English syntactical and lexical patterns. It will introduce students to theoretical concepts and problems of translation, with the ultimate goal being to improve their ability to communicate in more authentic-sounding French. Students will have the opportunity to practice translation individually and to work with their peers on a variety of projects (advertising, journalistic and literary texts, movie and broadcast news subtitling) and to engage in critique and discussion of others’ translations. This course will help students refine their language skills and navigate more proficiently between these cultures and language systems.

(Designed for students who already have a solid foundation in French and English grammar)